27 lutego 2016

Bule in Jakarta!

I arrived in Jakarta on 23 February at 15:30. The first thought I had in my mind after I had left my Emirates plane was that it was so green and so hot. It was the time for me when I started to enjoy the weather. Finally, I stopped feeling cold.

The airport in Jakarta is much different than the ones in Warsaw or Dubai. I think it is not that well organised and it was a bit difficult to find the way. If I was to fight for my Visa on Demand there, probably, I would just sit and cry. Luckily, I had my visa already in my passport so I just let my instincts work and somehow I followed the right way to the keluar (trans. exit).

If you ever waited alone for someone in a place you do not know or you do not really understand, you could get an idea how I felt when I finally got my suitcase. Eventually, after some time I was found by my friend and we caught a taxi.

I cannot remember much of my first evening in Jakarta. I was much distracted and nervous. I was also shocked in a way because everything was much different than in the world I come from. Here, streets are very noisy and crowded. There are no rules on the road and you must be careful all the time. However, somehow there are not much accidents on the road.

The first dinner I had in Jakarta was fried chicken with rice. Sambal was so spicy that I could not handle even the tiniest amount on my fork. I saw my friend eating with bare hand and I could not believe what I was seeing. In Europe, such behaviour would be seen as rude and people would be staring at him with their mouth open but here nobody seemed to care. I was fighting with myself not to stare and I ate my dish with a fork.

On the next day we went sightseeing. We went to kota tua (trans. old town) and to Monas, the national monument. Wherever we went, people were staring at me. Bule in Jakarta (trans. white person in Jakarta)! Soon, when we reached the old town, I became the centre of attention of most of the people in the square. Many of them wanted to take a picture with me. Later, I was interviewed by Indonesian children – it was their homework. I have never experienced such a thing. It was a bit uncomfortable but I answered all their questions smiling and laughing. After all, speaking with a foreigner is a very good practice for them. I hope I taught them something.

In the old town, we went to a restaurant Djakarte. There I had that delicious grilled banana with chocolate. It was so good that I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life and I would never get bored of it. Even in Djakarte they took a picture with a white girl.

This city never sleeps. Until the late hours streets keep being crowded and noisy. Warsaw is a village comparing to Jakarta. Everything is beyond my expectations. I always wanted to come here and I am so happy to be here. Finally.

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