28 stycznia 2017

5 reasons why you should visit Indonesia

I visited Indonesia last year and during my long holiday I stayed in Jakarta and traveled a bit. Still, I think that Indonesia is not a very famous destination and that is why I would like to show you 5 reasons why you should visit Indonesia this year.

5. Cheap destination

I admit that getting to Indonesia is rather expensive (plane tickets may kill your budget), but when you are finally there, everything is rather super cheap. You are a tourist so they will see you as a walking wallet filled with $$$ but when you go to the traditional market just remember the basic bargain rule: stick to your low price until they accept it.

4. Delicious food

If you love spicy food, it is absolutely the country you should visit. The taste of sambal, the chili paste, differs across the country and it can be either super spicy or acceptably spicy. Spicy-lovers-tip: for extremely spicy experience make sure to try ayam betutu in Bali – there must be a reason why it is called the food of gods.

3. Friendly people

Most of Indonesians are very welcoming towards bule – foreigner. You can join their wedding or funeral events because it is a great honor to invite a foreigner. In some cultural places you may even get the idea of how it feels to be famous as they will take hundreds (literally hundreds) pictures with you. You will get photoshoots with entire families or school trips. Just remember to keep smiling!

2. Beautiful nature

Indonesia is rather famous for its beautiful beaches. Bali and Lombok are said to be paradise destinations. You can find Pink Beach in Lombok – yes, with pink sand. When in Bali, remember to go to the north coast to Lovina Beach to catch some dolphins. If you are looking for the greatest waves then Dreamland Beach in south Bali is a place for you. Dreaming to see a volcano? Then Bromo is definitely the best option or Kawah Putih if you are not brave enough to face the active one.

1.       Multicultural society

In Indonesia you will learn the true meaning of multi-cultural society. Did you know that in Jakarta the biggest mosque in South-East Asia is located just across the street from the church? It is wonderful to see people representing so many different cultures and religions living all together peacefully in one country.

Sampai jumpa di Indonesia! 

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